Our company has independently developed two fully automated production lines to produce unique flavor seasoning flour, the production line is currently one of the leading domestic production equipment. Our company improves the quality and production efficiency through the parameter design of the key process. Moreover , our company achieves the mechanization, automation and continuous in the aspects of feeding, proportioning, mixing, drying, packaging and others. So that, our level of production technology is in a leading position in China.

Through the introduction of the above-mentioned advanced production equipment to improve production technology, our company not only improve productivity but also significantly reduces the cost of production, mainly in the following aspects: First, the whole production process is set automatically by a computer program to make sure accurate feeding, stable product quality ;the second is to achieve the automation of the whole production process. Comparing to the traditional manual mixing baking, it saves a lot of labor costs and energy costs; the third, pipeline closed production process, it reduces the loss and waste.

 The sauce production plant of Ankee                                                   The fully automated production line of Ankee

The finished product warehouse of Ankee
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