About Us

Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, with our networks extending across the Asia Pacific, Asahi Marusan Management is a private wealth management company that provides access to the global financial markets for both corporate and private clients.

Since establishing in 2008, we have amassed over $7.9 billion U.S Dollars of assets currently under management. From the beginning, Asahi Marusan Management has provided exceptional services and has accumulated a vast amount of experience within managing our client’s resources.

Our company mission is to accomplish our client’s financial goals by providing personal and efficient services. At Asahi Marusan Management we use our experience and expertise to adapt to the positive market conditions, enabling us to make changes and use the financial markets to our advantage.

We ensure every client has a personal relationship with us. Providing them with a comprehensive suite of wealth management products and solutions to suit them. We thrive to meet our client’s expectations and always adhere to exceptional customer support and consistent efforts to do so.

Here at Asahi Marusan Management we have a clear objective; to preserve and grow our client’s capital while providing flawless levels of service and care. We invest our client’s funds in order to generate a positive return aligning to their financial goals. Our clientele comes from all over the world, with different social positions and economic statuses. Asahi Marusan Management understands that each client is different and therefore will have different goals and aspirations, which is why we ensure all of our services are tailored personally for each client.

At Asahi Marusan Management we like to think big and expand our horizon. We act from a global perspective, with our international coverage linking Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific regions.

Our Approach

We have built our reputation by treating all of our clients with the same respect, regardless of their profile. Asahi Marusan Management deems all clientele as important as each other, so if you are an individual with a moderate deposit amount, you will receive the same consideration and care as an institutional client, only the strategies and goals would differ. This allows us to satisfy the financial needs of our wide range of customers such as: Individuals, Government agencies and Companies who are all seeking to increase their capital.

Our Priority

At Asahi Marusan Management our clients are our priority. The main focus is your success, we apply our knowledge and experience to find methods which enhance your portfolio. Clienteles assets are smartly managed on a day to day basis. We are always looking to be one step ahead of our competition, therefore our company is continually looking to expand its worldwide client base.


Asahi Marusan Management is fully aware that reputation is built on trust, and our clients trust us. Managing your funds is our job, we guarantee to all of our clients that it is a job done responsibly. Trusting someone else to manage your capital may at first seem daunting, but when it comes to us, we ensure that it feels more comfortable and inspiring for yourself, enabling us to build a successful relationship.