Message From Our CEO

Dear Clients,


I would personally like to thank you for your confidence in our company’s approach and services; I am proud to be a part of this company and looking forward to making history with Asahi Marusan Management. We established ourselves over a decade ago, since then we have gained vast amount of experience and knowledge working within the financial markets.

The financial world has revealed unpredictable behaviour over the last decade, it has proven difficult for many to envisage its next moves. At Asahi Marusan Management we believe that our teamwork and strong team cohesion has helped us overcome the market volatility, producing consistent profitable results.

Our team spirit increases our chances for success, enabling us to conquer challenges much easier together. What we are offering you at Asahi Marusan Management is a professional team of experts, analysts, advisors, developers and more. Giving you the peace of mind that we will be working behind the scenes and producing results which are incapable from any individual alone.

We are constantly seeking new projects and innovative plans to keep improving our results, while ensuring our principles stay intact. We have a great team here who I would like to thank for the joint efforts all round. I feel responsible for every move in this company and I know that we have a great future ahead of us. Every team member is seeking to perfect their skills and us as a company want to open new horizons and keep our leading position.

In today’s world with lower deposit rates, lower yields and more quantitate easing programs from the banks, people are forced to find more complex and riskier saving methods. We will help you to create a customised portfolio that considers both your short-term and long-term goals, while minimising the risks.

We want you to feel safe about your future and trust our professional team at Asahi Marusan Management .


Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Sako Chikao
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Asahi Marusan Management