Our People

At Asahi Marusan Management we have a mutual mission to succeed among our team. You will find a vary of different approaches among our employees; conservative, open-minded, active or patient. The most important thing is, that at Asahi Marusan Management we know how to put these approaches together as a team and produce a great job in managing tasks.

Asahi Marusan Management is dedicated to growing an intelligent community, based on co-operation. Keeping an eye on every opinion from the inside or the outside and considering the priorities of our clients. We offer the chance for every team member to progress by expanding their knowledge and experience while working with us.

We promote reciprocal respect, integrity and commitment to our client’s needs. Our team are dedicated professionals, who are devoted to using their skills in order to meet our clients and company’s goals.

Every member of Asahi Marusan Management has a voice and a view to share, we are always open to new ideas to help us improve. Our team works together analysing proposals and opinions, to decide on the best formula and the optimal method to take. This teamwork is how we have reached our success.

We are very transparent when it comes to revealing the background and expertise of our employees. We ensure that you will receive a personal approach from our staff, so you can be at ease when trusting us to manage your capital.

By carefully selecting the most skilled and experienced candidates as part of our team, we manage to continually advance within the financial markets.