Asahi Marusan Management 朝日マルサン管理

Since establishing in 2008, we have amassed over $7.9 billion U.S Dollars of assets currently under management. From the beginning, Asahi Marusan Management has provided exceptional services and has accumulated a vast amount of experience within managing our client’s resources.


Asahi Marusan Management

Asahi Marusan Management 朝日マルサン管理, is a private wealth management company that provides access to the global financial markets for both corporate and private clients.

Here at Asahi Marusan Management, we value our client's questions and comments as they are important to us, for more information please use the contact form:

Head Office

Address: 9F Pacific Century Place,
1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan.

Switchboard: +81 3 4588 8294
Email: [email protected]

Research Office

Address: 19F Bund Centre,
222 Yan An Road East,
Huangpu District,
Shanghai, China.

Email: [email protected]