Investment Management

Asahi Marusan Management investment management services for corporate clientele are handled by a team of professionals using corporate orientated strategies. We outclass the market standards by using the best analytical methods enabling our predictions to be less risk.

For over a decade, we have amassed a vast amount of experience in asset allocation and management alternatives. Our talented team will provide you with tailored investment suggestions and execution services to reach your financial objectives. We currently manage corporate funds from clients all over the world.

Our decisions are based on corporate fundamental data related to macroeconomic dynamics. When creating corporate portfolios, we consider every aspect which your business needs and ensure it is personalised for you. We cooperate with you before any decisions or changes are made, so your company representatives are still in control. Every method or strategy which we apply, is a joint decision between your company and our team.

We help our corporate clients achieve positive results which influences the growth of the company. You will regularly receive relevant market insights, investment advice and trade execution solutions.