Discretionary Account

Asahi Marusan Management Discretionary account is for clients who may or may not have experience within the financial markets and would prefer to put their portfolio in the hands of our expert team. Allowing us to maintain and work on increasing your financial resources for you, giving clients more time to themselves.

With the constantly updating market conditions, new investment opportunities and the effort which is required to build a well diverse and profitable portfolio, it is understandable that many clients would prefer to let us do the work for you by choosing this account type.

Our professional team will conduct the research for you, finding the best opportunities suitable for you whilst monitoring and maintaining your portfolio.

Here are some of the benefits for our Discretionary Account:

  • A professional wealth manager will work for you
  • Less interaction needed from you
  • Advice on best methods and strategies will be given
  • You will get regular reports and insight info